Industry-Leading Diesel Power Units and Generator Sets

Pivot Power is a leading manufacturer specializing in diesel irrigation power units and generator sets. Since 1977, we have been committed to helping our customers meet their needs, no matter how difficult the application may be. Our products are not just found locally; they're found in almost every continent. We take pride in providing quality products with world-class customer support that sets us apart from our competition. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives everything we do. We are proud to be a family-owned, South Dakota based business.

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Power Units

Consistent irrigation is essential for plant growth and crop yield.  Pivot Power irrigation power units are made-to-order for each application. We offer a variety of diesel engine models in a variety of configurations that should fit most irrigation needs.

Generator Sets

Reliable power sources can be scarce in the field or other remote areas. Pivot Power offers a wide range of custom diesel generator sets ranging from 10 KW to 100 KW. Our generator sets provide continuous, reliable power wherever it’s needed.

Custom Engine Packaging

Not every engine is destined for irrigation or generator packages. Pivot Power provides 3D/CAD modeling services to design and package customer-supplied engines for various applications and industries.